Yorphos aManager posted Apr 10, 17

Welcome to the PancakeTekkit website!


Server Reset Complete!

The full reset for the server has been completed. This means that ALL worlds and inventories, except for /chest, have been cleared. Have fun starting fresh, everyone! Any donators that bought money or world anchors must contact an Admin+ in order to retain what they purchased.

What did the reset bring?

Besides the complete destruction of everyone's nice buildings and hard work, the reset introduces a new update to factions, being:

- LWC has been disabled in the Factions/PvP worlds.

- Factions now protects all containers, including modded such as upgraded chests and machinery.


Remember to join the official Pancake Tekkit discord channel to keep up with the server and contact staff members!


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We hope you enjoy your time at PancakeTekkit! Feel free to contact me on Discord if you have any questions!

- Pancake Tekkit Team