Yorphos aAdmin posted Nov 19, 17

Welcome to the PancakeTekkit website!


Domain Updates

The domain PTMC.BE is back! You can now once again connect to the server using it, instead of the annoying TC.PNCK.WS


Remember to join the official Pancake Tekkit discord channel to keep up with the server and contact staff members!


On the site you can use the tabs above to do things like:

  • Access the forums!
  • Visit the shop to buy ranks and get cool perks!
  • Submit a staff application, or apply for an unban!
  • View the list of staff members!
  • Read up on player statistics, and website member information!

Check out the official PancakeTekkit Youtube channel here:

You can report any server issues here:

Have any ideas on how to improve the server? Suggest them here:

Check out some Tekkit Classic tutorials here:

Get your Pancake Tekkit merchandise here:

We hope you enjoy your time at PancakeTekkit! Feel free to contact me on Discord if you have any questions!

- Pancake Tekkit Team